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We Endorse these Candidates for the Coast Central Board Of Directors!

Rees Hughes

Rees Hughes and his wife Amy have been proud members for over 30 years. Rees has a long history of community involvement and building successful community partnerships. He is perhaps best known for his volunteer leadership in building the movement for recreational trails, involving volunteers, non-profits and local governments but has also served as a mediator, Northcoast Regional Land Trust board member, school board member, United Way board member and more.

James Kloor

James Kloor, a recent member of Coast Central, will bring a deeper, more formal background in finance (the first priority of the board) than any current board member. His election will substantially enhance board oversight. He is Director of Finance of the Humboldt Area Foundation & Wild Rivers Community Foundation, serves on the AEDC Finance Committee, the City of Eureka Finance Advisory Committee, the North Coast Co-op Finance Committee, and on the Board of Directors for the Ink People Center for the Arts. James has a passion for member led, democratic organizations and looks forward to working with CCCU and their many members.

Maricela Aceves Wexler

Maricela Aceves Wexler, a five-year member of Coast Central, brings experience in local and international community engagement, a set of skills needed in effectively engaging our members. Locally, Maricela has a background in business management, non-profit fundraising and organizational development, community engagement for various city and county projects, and mediation. Currently Maricela serves as coordinator and administrator for the international Illuminate Systems Change Network and provides project management and stakeholder engagement for consultant companies. She holds a degree from HSU in Environmental Studies with an emphasis in Community Organizing. Maricela offers a perspective and experience from the next generation of committed individuals seeking to invest meaningfully in the future of this community.

"It is time that the Tribes and residents of eastern Humboldt and Del Norte have some direct line to our only financial institution!"
Terry Supahan, Executive Director, True North Organizing Network

"Coast Central Credit Union not only serves the largest base of locals it is also the largest local financial institution.  I support these candidates because they not only support all of the current good practices of CCCU but have listened to hundreds of members to understand how CCCU could be even of better service to its members.  Together these candidates bring strong financial skills, good management practices, and a vision of community service that will responsibly help CCCU help us be a better and more financially secure community." 

((Personal Endorsement) Ron White, Senior Advisor, Humboldt Area Foundation 

“CCCU has the potential to do so much more to support the community. I believe this slate of candidates will put the members' voice first.”

Julie Fulkerson, Business Owner, Former Mayor of Arcata and Trinidad and Former Humboldt County Supervisor

"James, Maricela, and Rees will be awesome contributors with their respective skill sets. They are committed to community investments that make our home a better place, and have robust abilities in fiscal management and bringing people together."

Natalie Arroyo, Humboldt County Supervisor

We would appreciate your support!

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