Meet the Slate


These three candidates are running for the volunteer board of directors. We believe these candidates will put the members' voice first.

Rees Hughes

I believe that CCCU is the premiere financial institution on the North Coast: member satisfaction is high, service quality is excellent, and people appreciate that local money stays local. For good reason over 42% of residents in the service area are members and assets have grown to $2 billion. Yet, we can do better.

I believe that the Board should:

  • increase member involvement in CCCU governance (have meaningful annual meetings and Board elections),
  • play an active role in CCCU strategic planning and involve members in priority setting,
  • reflect the geographical and demographic reach of the membership,
  • institute reasonable Board best practices (e.g., term limits – no Board member, regardless of competence, should serve for 40 years).

I believe in CCCU’s statement: Where Members call the shots. We're owned by you – the member . . . [the] Board of Directors work for you. We are members – not customers or clients. For that reason, I am running on the Members Voice Slate: Members First for a Stronger Credit Union. It is critical that CCCU works for its 75,000 members.

As proud CCCU members for 34 years, my wife and I are committed to our community and recognize the importance of strong institutions like CCCU. I have a degree in Business with advanced degrees in education and managed multi-million dollar budgets for many years at Cal Poly Humboldt. I have been an active volunteer for many local non-profits. Most importantly, I am committed to our community and its long-term success.

James Kloor

Coast Central Credit Union (CCCU) is uniquely positioned to dramatically transform our communities and enrich our lives. With more than 75,000 members, over 2 billion in assets, spanning Humboldt, Del Norte and Trinity Counties, we’re by far the largest locally owned financial institution. I’m running for the Board of Directors because I see a future for our Credit
Union that has deeper member engagement and does more for our community.

If elected I will work with the Board and members to:

  • Increase participation at Annual Membership meetings and ensure members have a voice at their meeting
  • Update our Bylaws to incorporate best practices
  • Institute term limits and diversify the Board of Directors
  • Increase funding for Community Grants
  • Create additional opportunities for member engagement in setting the direction and strategic vision of our Credit Union
  • Increase transparency and opportunities for member education

I have been a member of our North Coast community for 15 years; I’m a graduate of Humboldt State University with a Degree in Mathematics, have worked in non-profit accounting for the last 7 years, and have served on the Board of the North Coast Co-op. I see immense opportunity for Coast Central Credit Union and our community. To realize that opportunity I’m running with Rees Hughes and Maricela Aceves Wexler; together we are the Members Voice Slate: Members First for a Stronger Credit Union. It would be an honor to represent our members on the Board of Directors and amplify your voice. Thank you for your vote.

Maricela Aceves Wexler

CCCU is recognized for providing services that support the livelihood and financial success of individuals, businesses, and community organizations in our region. We have over 75,000 members, $2 billion in assets, and a strong balance sheet. However, there are missed opportunities to leverage this success to strengthen and expand services based on the interests of member-owners. I am running on the Members Voice Slate: Members First for a Stronger Credit Union because I believe an informed and participatory membership is critical for CCCU to honor its commitment to community.

As a Board member, I commit to:

  • Developing clearer pathways for member communication, engagement and input
  • Identifying and implementing strategies to further CCCU’s success and expand member benefits
  • Reviewing Board policies and practices for responsible revisions and updates
  • Cultivating a Board that is more representative of member demographics

I moved to Humboldt 7 years ago and for the last 5, have been a CCCU member. I employ my background in local community engagement, business and non-profit management, and mediation to manage projects for and with consultant companies and networks internationally. I am motivated to apply my experience in service to the CCCU membership.

One of CCCU’s value statements declares the importance of, “placing you at the forefront of the decision-making process, seeking your input and responding to your needs.” I share this value and would be honored to serve on your Board of Directors so that we may, together, invest meaningfully in the future of this community.

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